Here at South Hereford Motorcaravan Centre we can offer the complete range of Roller Team motorhomes and campervans.

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones. Our large motorhomes give you the social spaces you need to enjoy your getaways in comfort. We all appreciate a spacious motorhome for the rainy days or evenings in, and from coachbuilt six-berth motorhomes to stunning A-Class four-berth motorhomes, Roller Team has the best European motorhomes for all the family. If you’re looking for a motorhome with a garage for that extra storage, or a vast range of sleeping arrangements from twin bed motorhomes to bunk bed motorhomes, there really is a Roller Team motorhome layout to accommodate you!

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Our 2021 motorhome ranges pair stunning Italian style with desirable layouts and top-quality construction. Our European large motorhomes are equipped with everything you need to enjoy your holiday, there’s never a worry of everyone being confined to one room, with versatile layouts including island beds, twin bed motorhomes and the ever-popular U-shaped lounge. With a range of sleeping arrangements, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a four-berth motorhome for the family or a six-berth – we’ve got you covered. Our hi-line six berth motorhomes make clever use of the large amount of space available to give you room to relax and entertain during the day, and ample sleeping space at night without having to make up your bed every day. Many of our larger ranges also feature motorhomes with garages, so you can have even more storage space. For smaller families the brand-new 2021, four-berth T-Line 743 features an end bedroom, which can be closed off for privacy and a restful night’s sleep. So, no matter the size of your family, here at Roller Team we have the right motorhome for you.

Finding motorhomes to sleep the whole family that are stylish, practical and great value for money is a walk in the park with the Roller Team 2021 motorhome line up. This year we have four six-berth motorhomes, with varied layouts, features and sleeping arrangements to choose from across the Zefiro and Auto-Roller ranges. Whether you’re looking for bunk bed motorhomes, drop down doubles or twin bed motorhomes, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect Roller Team campervan for your needs. For even bigger families, we have the best European motorhomes on the market, the ever-popular and stunning seven berth Auto-Roller 707. Often, these large ranges feature motorhomes with garages, so you can travel with everything you need in the extra storage space, enabling you to see new sights and make memories to last a lifetime in ultimate comfort with all your favourite travelling companions.

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Zefiro 665 motorhome interior

Roller Team Zefiro

With an impressive 6 layouts to choose from the Zefiro range is the largest Rollerteam range and it offers both 5 and 6 berth and belt options. All models are designed to give you the freedom to carry all kinds of sporting equipment and all models have fixed beds to accommodate lots of external storage. This range offers both highline and lowline options giving you great versatility for larger families or those who like sporting adventures.
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